Consignment Inventory System

Tagging and Printing Instructions

St. Paul’s Kids Consignment Sale Inventory System is easy to use. You just enter your item info and print your barcoded tickets for your items from the system.

The barcode tagging system helps keep better track of inventory, keeps the tags uniform for all shoppers, and speeds up the checkout process.

If you have questions, please contact us at We are happy to answer your questions.

Accessing the Inventory System

When Is it Open??

The Inventory System opens to you once you are registered with the sale. ALL items must be entered, and all tags must be printed by 9pm on Sunday before the sale. No changes can be made to inventory after the deadline.

Where do I access it?

You can locate it on the Consignor Homepage. Select “Work with Consigned Inventory” from the drop-down menu on the Consignor Homepage. See next page for detailed instructions.

Do I have to enter everything at one time?

No, you can work with your inventory in the Inventory System any time after registering up until 9PM Sunday prior to the sale. The system saves entered information for you so you can start and stop entering items as many times as you need before the system closes.

Tips for Efficient Inventory and Tagging

  1. Wash your items. Stain-treat them if needed, steam or press them so they are not wrinkled, and button buttons and snap snaps. Neat looking clothing sells the fastest. Clean toys and infant items do as well.​
  2. Sort all items into categories. Separate clothing by gender. Group like items together by category [clothes, toys, shoes, games, etc.), gender and sort by size. It is easier to fill out each inventory item if you can keep some data from the previous tag on the next one. For example, “Girls > Clothing > Size” or “Boys > Swimwear > Size”. This saves lots of time both with typing in the inventory information as well as in finding the items for tagging.
  3. Try to keep the items in the same order for entering in the inventory system and for putting tags on them. This is super helpful for speedy tagging.

**Bar coded tags are required on all items. Handwritten tags are NOT accepted.

**Do not photocopy tags and use them on more than 1 item. Each item must have its own barcode.

Entering Inventory in the Inventory System

When you enter your inventory, you are declaring the information that will print on your tags. Only items included in the Inventory System and with a bar coded printed tag from that system can be accepted.

1. Sign into the Consignor Homepage (using your consignor number this link may be inactive until the registration opens each season).

2. Click on Work with Consigned Inventory.

3. Click on Add Items. This allows you to add items, edit already entered items, or delete items.

See image below:

4. Select Category (all items must have a category) and Numerical Size (so it can be placed in the proper area of the sales floor if the clothes are sized "small" for example, estimate the size). Items like toys, books baby gear, etc will not need a size.

5. Enter a Description: Include the size and color so we can match up items with lost tags.

6. Enter a Price $1.00 or greater.

7. For Quantity (Qty) enter “1” unless you need more than 1 tag. However, if you have multiples of a type of item then adjust Qty to the number of tags you will need. For example: you have 3 Carters Pink T-shirts size 2T, you can enter the tag once and enter 3 for the Qty and the system will generate 3 different tags for your T-shirts.

8. Check box if want to Discount. All items marked for Discount will be 50% off the sale price on Saturday for the Half Price Sale.

9. Check box if want to Donate. All items marked for Donate will be donated to local charities after the sale closing.

10. Click Submit Item to enter the item into your inventory.

11. The item will appear below – by default only the last 5 entries will show.

12. If you would like to stop and work on entering more items later click, I'm finished for now.

How to Move Inactive Inventory to Active Inventory
Use this feature when you have unsold items from a previous sale that you would like to enter in this sale. Please remember item(s) you move into your currently active inventory must be acceptable items for the upcoming sale meaning current season items or neutral items such as bikes, toys, books, etc.

1. Sign into the Consignor Homepage (using your consignor number and password)

2. Click on Work with Consigned Inventory.

3. Click on Inactive Inventory. From this screen you can select inventory items that you have entered/brought to past sales (inactive inventory) and plan to bring to our upcoming sale. Inventory that you select here will become "active inventory" (inventory that you are planning to bring to our upcoming sale) and will appear on the "Work with Inventory" screen so you can edit it and print tags for it (if necessary)

4. Click on the box next to the item(s) you would like to sell in the upcoming sale then click Make SELECTED Inventory ACTIVE For Upcoming Sale. This action will move that item or items into your active inventory.

Printing Instructions
1. Login in on your Consignor Homepage.

2. Click on Work with Consigned Inventory.

3. On the Consignor Inventory Menu, click “Print Tags.”

4. Click (Print All Tags) if you are ready to print all tags at once.

5. Or click (Print Selected Tags).

6. If you select Print Selected Tags – check box of the tags you would like to print.

Example of Good and Bad Barcodes